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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Forty-Six.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Forty-Six.

As the bell on Big Ben chimed seven o’clock, Richard was stood in front of a long cloth covered table telling the gathered members of the press that he’d asked them all here to listen to an announcement that was being made about James Bourne’s health. Once the announcement had been made, James, Danny and his doctors would answer any reasonable and relevant questions, but anyone who asked anything that was considered to be irrelevant or uncalled for would be asked to leave and would be reported to the complaints board of the press council. Once he was certain that everyone had understood what he’d said, Richard turned to look at Adam, who was stood by the door that led into the room where James, Danny, Fletch, Mr. Sharp, Mr. Benson and Tabi were waiting for their cue to come out and face the press. Fletch had once compared it to being a Christian waiting to go and face the lions.

Having opened the door, Adam stepped back and let Tabi lead the six into the room and across to the table, each person following her in the order in which they’d be sat at the table. Tabi, Mr. Sharp, Danny, James, Fletch and finally Mr. Benson. As James went past him, Adam reached out his hand and quickly grasped at his right hand, giving it a squeeze before returning it to his side. Taking their appointed seats, James immediately dropped his head, letting his long blond air fall down to shield his face from the gathered men and women of the press. By his side, Danny slipped his hand across to take hold of James’, like Adam had a few moments before giving it a squeeze that he hoped would give his little blond the confidence to get through this.

In the moment before he started the conference, Fletch also reached a hand over and gave James’ knee a friendly squeeze, the look he gave James telling the blond that whatever happened he would be there for him. Picking up the prepared statement, Fletch started to read, carefully explaining the situation and how James came to be in it. Once he’d read that out, he handed over to Mr. Sharp, letting the expert take over and give the press reporters the medical details that would probably have most of them confused for quite a while.

Once Mr. Sharp had finished, Danny took over, speaking for both him and James, telling those gathered there about James’ illness and the shock they’d received when they’d been told that he was pregnant. He also told them that they while they were looking forward to the birth of their child, they were worried about the abuse that they might face from so called fans and from others who would consider what had happened to be wrong. They hadn’t asked for James to get pregnant, someone had used James without his permission as a guinea pig in his experiments into fertility. They needed the support of the press to make the next few months bearable for all of them, and they needed the help of the press and the public to find the doctor who had done this to James so they could find out if there was anything in his experiment that could cause medical problems for both James and the baby in the months to come.

Now Richard threw the conference open so that questions could be asked. A few people asked medical questions, wanting more details on how James had got pregnant, Mr. Benson had handled that easily, telling the press that he’d prepared a document for them explaining everything in as clear terms as possible, anyone who wanted a copy could get one from him after the conference. But not surprisingly most people wanted to speak to James. They wanted to know just how he’d felt when he’s learnt he was pregnant? How did he feel now? And had he every thought about having the pregnancy terminated?

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