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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Forty-Nine.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Forty-Nine.

Two weeks later James made his way down the stairs, singing at the top of his voice, sticking his head out of the bedroom that he now thought of as his, Matt grinned, since his last scan James had woken up the household every morning at the crack of dawn with his singing. It had been that that had finally driven Maria to return home to Southend, she could cope with most things but a James who rose without being given a hard kick first was not on that list of things. The same had quickly applied to Catherine, so now the three men had the house back to themselves, something that was wonderful. But unfortunately the disappearance of the mothers hadn’t stopped James’ early morning recitals.

The aftermath of the press conference hadn’t been as awful as they’d expected it to be, most of the papers had explained in great detail what had happened and some had even printed out word for word the document that Mr. Sharp had given to them, as well as printing the pictures of Danny and James hugging each other for the cameras. And one of them had gone even further and had printed a request for anyone who knew where a Doctor Finch who had been working as a medical director in Southend in the middle of last year could be found, to contact them as his input would be very helpful to the doctors looking after James and his baby’s health.

Reaching the kitchen, James was greeted enthusiastically by Smokey the cat, since he’d fallen pregnant James had started to be more friendly to the grey and white moggie that had arrived in his house along with Danny and the rest of his luggage. Bending down James gently stroked his hand along the cat’s back, before easing himself back into an upright position. It was getting harder and harder for him to pretend that he wasn’t putting on weight anymore, none of his own trousers fitted him around the middle and he’d been reduced to borrowing a couple of pairs of jogging trousers from Tom, something that hadn’t done his ego any good at all. Much as he hated to do it, he was going to have to ask Matt if he’d go out shopping with him for clothes. He knew that Danny would take him if he asked but he really didn’t want his mate to know just how fat he was getting.

Opening a tin of cat food for Smokey, he spooned some out, dropping it into the cat dish from a great height, he didn’t want to crouch down as he wasn’t one hundred percent certain that he’d be able to get up again if he did. Having fed the cat, James made his way over to the kettle, filling it up and then switching it on before making his way over to the fridge to get some bread to make toast with. He was just starting to eat his breakfast when Danny appeared, still yawning but wide enough awake to bend down and place a soft loving kiss against James’ lips. Then slipping his hand down, he stroked the swell of his belly and whispered “Hello” to the growing baby.

While he made himself a coffee, Matt arrived. Having asked the Londoner if he wanted a drink, Danny suggested that Matt made toast for both of them, he and James needed to eat and get ready to go as the Dorks were due to put in an appearance on This Morning. Three quarters of an hour later Fletch arrived to collect them, only managing to exchange a few words with Matt before he had to hurry both of the dork boys out to the people carrier that he favoured when transporting his ‘stars’ around in the city.

Reaching the car, James groaned, Steve and Dave were ensconced in the two rear seats and Adam was in drivers seat and as Fletch always sat up front he knew he’d end up be sandwiched in the middle row between Chris and Danny. He knew they only did it to keep him safe but at the moment it just made him feel claustraphobic.
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