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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Fifty.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Fifty.

Arriving at the TV studios, Fletch carefully watched as the band were unloaded out onto the forecourt, holding out one hand for James to hold onto as he disembarked from the car. Once he’d checked that all five were stood safely on the tarmac he headed for the main entrance, not looking back to see if they were following him. Just inside the entrance doors they were met by a tall chestnut haired woman who shook Fletch’s hand energetically before doing the same to Chris, Dave, Steve and Danny. But she pointedly ignored James, not even bothering to look down her nose at him. Watching her stride off down a corridor on their left, Fletch had to stop and take a deep breath, he couldn’t believe what he’d just seen, no one had ever treated one of his boys like that before and he wasn’t about to let anyone start doing so.

Setting off in hot pursuit of the woman, Fletch left the band to follow at their own speed, he was certain that all of the others would be looking after James, and they would soon be joined by Adam who had gone to park the car. Catching up with her, Fletch reached out a hand to grab hold of her arm, swinging her round to face him, the fury on his face making her step back in shock. Keeping his voice low, Fletch asked her just who she thought she was, ignoring James because of what had happened wasn’t on. Wondering where their main guests were, the floor manager came out to look for them, ok he’d sent his deputy out to collect them but she wasn’t what he’d call completely reliable. Rounding the corner he was met by the sight of Fletch and his deputy having a quiet yet intense argument. Nearing them, he heard Fletch tell her that he’d have her head on a plate for the way she’d treated James. Groaning to himself he wondered just what she’d done now, he’d managed to save her neck twice before already and if she’d done something really bad there was no way he’d be able to do so again.

Deciding that it would be best if he intervened, he asked if he could be of help. Turning to look at him, Fletch asked him if he knew who this woman’s boss was? Looking straight back at Fletch, he told him that he was. Immediately Fletch started to tell him what she’d done, neither man noticing that they’d now been joined by all five band members, all of whom were extremely interested in seeing what was going to happen now. Once Fletch had finished, the man sighed, there was no way that the woman would be able to survive this mistake, being rude to guests wasn’t on, it was a sackable offence and being rude to someone who was pregnant was even worse.

Telling her to go to the staff room, he escorted Fletch and the band through to the green room, calling for one of the production team to come and look after them. Then he went upstairs to the gallery and told the director just what had happened. Not surprisingly the man blew a gasket, yelling that the woman was fired before he rushed down to the green room via Fern’s dressing room, getting her to help him initiate a damage limitation plan.

By the time the band appeared in front of the cameras, the woman had been given her cards. And Fletch was smirking happily as both Fern and Philip gave the Dork boys the easiest interview they’d ever done. They did ask Danny and James a lot of questions about the forthcoming baby but none of them were too difficult or too probing. They eventually left the studios having signed plenty of autographs at the gate, the gifts the gathered fans had given them leaving none of them in any doubt that they were happy about the baby.
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