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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Fifty-One.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part: Fifty-One.

Matt leant against the changing room door waiting impatiently for James to come out, it was two days since the blond had sneaked into his room and asked if he would be willing to come shopping with him, he hated to admit it but he had to buy some new clothes, even Tom’s trousers were now getting too tight. Grinning Matt had agreed, he loved shopping and having a good excuse for doing so was something he wasn’t going to turn down. Telling Danny had been a bit of a problem, but he’d hidden any pain he was feeling and before they’d left he’d taken Matt to one side and had pressed a fifty pound note into his hand, telling him to buy something special for James to wear at the album launch.

They had been planning to wait until after the baby had been born before they launched it but Mercury had suddenly decided to use the news of James’ pregnancy as another free means of promotion, and had demanded that they bring it forward by three months, something that had had Fletch spitting feathers. In the end the band had agreed to the early launch but had forced the record company into paying for Tabi to travel with them in case there was a medical emergency. So next week when James was twenty-five weeks pregnant the band would be holding the launch party in a top London club on the Monday before setting off on a short whistle stop tour of the United Kingdom, stopping off at a minimum of three different venues each and every day. The band had agreed to this but Tabi had insisted that James be allowed to get as much rest as he needed, if he was tired then she would make sure that he had a nap. As far as she was concerned the welfare of James and the baby were the most important thing, the rest of the band and the album launch came way down in the pecking order.

It had been the launch that had finally made James pluck up the courage to ask Matt for his help, the thought of the press and their fans seeing him wearing Tom’s hand-me-downs was enough to make him feel sick.

Reaching the centre of London, they’d made their way to one of the places that James liked to buy clothes from, he knew that there was no way that he’d be able to buy himself any trousers there but he would certainly be able to buy himself a t-shirt or two that would be big enough to cover his now very visible bulge. The owner of the shop had been stunned to see the two of them in his shop but he’d quickly recovered his composure and had spent nearly an hour showing them everything that he thought James would not only like but would be suitable for a pregnant man to wear. He had been the one who had advised James not to choose the bright orange and pink jakes t-shirt. When they’d finally left his emporium, Matt was carrying a bag of comfortable yet easy to wear shirts that would enhance James’ current shape, not make him look like a baby elephant.

He had also told them where they should be able to get some smart yet comfortable jeans and trousers, what he hadn’t told them was that the shop was a women’s maternity boutique. They might usually cater only for women but most of the trousers and jeans were styled the same as normal unisex wear so logically they should be able to find him something to wear. His height wouldn’t be a problem as there were quite a few women who were taller than James was. When they’d arrived at the shop, James had nearly turned and run, but Matt had blocked his escape and had forced him through the door. They’d been met by the manager who had been forewarned of their visit by the owner of the t-shirt shop. Taking them through the shop to the back room that the staff used as a rest room, she’d left them to relax with some tea and biscuits while she gathered up a selection of garments that she considered suitable for James to wear. By the time she returned James was in a mellow enough mood to not only look at the things but to go as far as to try a few of them on. They’d finally left the place having bought two pairs of jeans and two pairs of leisure trousers. And unbeknownst to James, Matt had bought him a couple of bright baggy jumpers in case it got cold in the evenings.

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