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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Fifty-Three.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Fifty-Three.

The last day of the tour launch tour dawned to rain, making the pavement that ran from the tour bus into the shopping centre where today’s signing was being held very slippery. Not that any of them knew that as they ran from the shelter of the bus to the back doors that had been opened especially for them. Leading the way Steve hurried in out of the rain, Dave hot on his heels with Chris not too far behind him. Fletch, Danny and James followed them at much slower pace, all three walking as fast as James’s now swollen belly would let him. He hated the fact that all of a sudden his centre of gravity had shifted and he could no longer presume that he could do what he had been able to do before.

What James also hoped was that no one would notice the fact that he was wearing a pair of slippers, he felt really stupid in them but if he wore his usual footwear he ended up with badly swollen and aching feet, something that had he complaining bitterly to Tabi who had told him that it was nothing to worry about, it was a perfectly normal for a pregnant woman to get swollen feet as her pregnancy progressed. That had not been helpful as far as James was concerned, he was starting to find the pregnancy extremely trying and being reminded of the fact that it was usually women who got pregnant wasn‘t any help at all.

Seeing that the security guard on the back door was giving him a slightly disgusted look James sped up a bit, moving ahead of his two companions, not realising just how oily the concrete the path was made of had got in the rain. That mixed with the plasticy soles of his slippers was a recipe for disaster, a disaster that neither Fletch or Danny could do anything to stop. Reaching the slight incline that led up to the doors, James lengthened his stride - and slipped, his feet sliding out from under him, each going in a different direction. Unable to do anything, Danny and Fletch watched, as James hit the wet pavement with a damp thud. For what seemed like ages everyone froze, no one moving until James whimpered in pain, the tears that were now starting to trickle down his face motivating everyone there.

Reaching James, Danny sank to his knees on the wet ground, gathering the weeping blond into his arms, wanting to pick him up and take him back to the safety of the tour bus but scared to move him in case there was something wrong. Stood next to them Fletch called for an ambulance, his wet hair hanging bedraggled in his eyes. Within moments the others had returned, Chris cursing the fact that Tabi had returned to London that morning to help Mr. Sharp with his afternoon clinic. Both Steve and Dave were crouched down next to their stricken band mate, Dave slowly moving one hand forward to rest against James’ swollen belly, his eyes narrowing as he concentrated on trying to feel the baby move. Suddenly after what seemed like an age, Dave relaxed, a smile lighting up his face, a smile that was mirrored on James’ face as they both felt the baby kick hard in protest to the jolt it had received as James had hit the floor.

When the ambulance arrived ten minutes later the crew were greeted by the sight that they had not ever expected to see. The manager of the shopping complex had arrived and was trying to apologise while not apologise, he knew it wouldn’t do the place any good if they were sued for causing James to fall, especially if the fall caused James to lose the baby. Unsure of what to do, the paramedics carefully loaded James into the back of the ambulance, both Danny and Fletch climbing in as well. When they reached the hospital the staff there would have to decide what to do.

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