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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Fifty-Four.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Fifty-Four.

Over two hours had past and Danny was close to the edge. When they’d arrived at the hospital the ambulance men had sent him and Fletch through to the reception area to book James in while they took the blond on through to the emergency department. Registering James hadn’t taken as long as they’d thought it would because the receptionist had turned out to be an avid fan of both Busted and Son of Dork and she’d been following James’ pregnancy ever since it had been announced. Once she’d taken down all of James’ details (some of which she didn’t even need to ask Fletch or Danny for), she’d slipped out from behind her desk and led them both down the corridor that led into the treatment areas, stopping at an unimportant looking door and knocking gently upon it. Getting no reply to her knock she opened the door and looked inside, opening the door wide when she saw the room was empty. Turning to look at the two men she gestured them inside, telling them that she’d let the doctor know where they were, and that she’d send the other members of the band in when they arrived.

Stalking his way around the room, Danny paused once more by the window, his hand lifting of its own accord to part the venetian blinds so he could see outside. The crowd of media people and fans had grown in the time they’d been here, the ranks having swollen considerably once the news had been broken on the local radio that James had been taken to hospital after he’d slipped and fallen outside the shopping centre. Dropping his hand down again, Danny turned to look at Fletch who at first glance seemed to be completely uninterested in what was, or was not going on. But Danny knew differently, he knew that Fletch had much deeper feelings for his mate than he would ever admit to however hard you pushed him. Looking up, Fletch gave Danny a weak smile, they had seen neither hide nor hair of either a nurse or doctor since they’d been escorted into this room and if someone didn’t turned up soon he’d go out and get some answers himself.

But in the end that course of action wasn’t required, a doctor soon appeared and after he’d ascertained who they were he’d sat down on a seat opposite them and had told them that James was ok, he was shaken up, but that was to be expected as he’d taken quite a hard fall. They’d also contacted Saint Andrews hospital and Mr. Sharp had said that they were to keep James resting in bed until he arrived in Birmingham.

Swallowing nervously, Danny asked the question that was now foremost in his mind. Was the baby alright?
Giving him a smile, the doctor said that they’d carried out an ultrasound scan and as far as they could see the baby was fine, but they would wait until Mr. Sharp had come and seen James. Relieved at hearing that both James and the baby were ok, Danny asked if he could now see his mate. Nodding the doctor said yes, and getting to his feet, he led both of them through to the cubicles, taking them into the second quarter of the unit before stopping before a closed curtain. Turning to look at them both, he slipped inside for a moment before drawing the curtain back just enough for them to slip inside.

There propped up against a pile of pillows was James, he looked pale but he didn’t seem to be in pain anymore. Also as soon as he saw Danny a smile broke out on his face, his happiness making Danny’s heart swell with love. Moving over to the bed, Danny leant in and took James in his arms, hugging the small blond tightly against his chest, before releasing him and covering his face with kisses.
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