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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Fifty-Five.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Fifty-Five.

Mr. Sharp had arrived by tea time and much to their surprise they found that he’d been accompanied not only by Tabi but by an extremely worried Matt who’d had heard about James’ accident from Adam. As soon as he’d arrived Mr. Sharp had shooed everyone except Danny out of the room that James had been put in to rest, and he’d checked the small blond over from head to toe, taking particular care over his belly and the baby it contained. Once he was satisfied that both James and the baby were fine he gave them the ok to leave Birmingham and go home.

The journey home was the happiest part of the entire launch tour, James had been forced upstairs by Fletch and Danny, both of them insisting that they’d be happier if he was resting in his bunk. Much to James’ annoyance Matt and Mr. Sharp had agreed as well, the consultant leaving Tabi to return with them on the bus just in case there was any emergencies for her to deal with. This time instead of the band being spread out all over the bus, all of them were upstairs with James, Dave and Steve lounging in their bunks while Chris, Tabi and Matt played cards in the seating at the back. Danny and Fletch sat up the front by the stairs, Fletch doing his best to get the drummer to relax, if he remained as stressed out as he was at the moment James stood little or no chance of actually enjoying the last few weeks of his pregnancy.

Arriving back in London, they were met outside the offices of Prestige Management by a welcoming party consisting of Richard, Darren, the boys from Mcfly and James’ family. Danny’s mum had wanted to come down when she’d heard about the fall but she hadn’t been able to get the time off of work, she’d made Maria promise to phone her as soon as she had seen that James was ok. Once James had been helped down from the bus and had been safely settled into his dad’s car, everyone else mucked in to unload all of their stuff from the bus, even the driver helping out, something that he usually didn’t do but he’d enjoyed being a little part of history. Having put everything into the transit van that Adam had bought for the occasion, they all piled into the different cars that were available to make the journey to a nearby restaurant where Richard had booked the back room for them all.

Reaching the place, James hurried to get out of the car, but his steadily growing belly was starting to play havoc with any plans he had about getting into the place first. Watching him try had both Tom and Harry laughing but that didn’t stop either of them from going to help James get out, each one grabbing hold of an arm and pulling while Danny gave his partner a gentle shove from behind. Once James was on his feet, Tom and Harry each hooked an arm in his and leaving Danny to extracate himself from the car, escorted their friend into the place.

Once inside, all of them enjoyed what could only be called a good meal, the chefs and waiting staff doing their very best to make sure that they were well fed. Especially James who found himself being plied with only the best things although his request for suishi was ignored as raw fish was not considered a healthy option for a pregnant person. It was during the meal that Dougie made a suggestion that at first seemed like a big joke, but on closer thought looked like a good idea. Dougie had suggested that they held a party for James and Danny, a last fling before they got tied down by being parents. And if they wanted they could make it a baby shower as well.
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