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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Fifty-Six.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Fifty-Six.

With the idea of a party embedded firmly in his mind, Fletch set about arranging said party, he knew that it couldn’t be held after James hit twenty eight weeks as Mr. Sharp had laid down the law and demanded that James had to stop doing any work, the last couple of weeks of his pregnancy had to be spent with his feet up resting. The date for James to be admitted into hospital had been decided upon and at just what time and by who the baby would be delivered. Both Danny and James had been surprised to find out that Mr. Sharp wouldn’t be delivering the baby, he would be present for the birth but he’d enlisted the help of a senior obstetric surgeon at his own hospital to be the one who did the actual surgery.

The next couple of weeks flew past, the band did a couple of interviews to promote the album and on its release it charted in the top ten, something that pleased everyone as it was a much better position than the last album did. Also much to James’ surprise he’d received a visit from Charlie and Camilla. At first he’d wanted to tell Danny to send them away, but as far as the drummer could see James had no valid reason not to see his old friends. If it hadn’t been for the split they would never have met, and they’d never have fallen in love and ended up expecting a baby. Mentioning the baby had caused James to raise his eyebrows but he’d finally given in and agreed to letting his ex-band mate come in. The visit had turned out to be much less painful than he’d expected and when they’d gone he was feeling much more at ease with himself than he had done in ages.

The day of the party dawned to rain, the weather causing James to moan as he had an appointment for an ultrasound scan at the antenatal clinic before an afternoon antenatal class. Maz had finally managed to presuade James to join her in the classes, but he’d only been able to attend about three of them as business appointments had kept on getting in the way.

Just before they left the house to go to their appointments, Danny phoned Fletch, their manager and their band mates as well as Matt and Mcfly were coming round to prepare the house for the do. Having loaded James into the car, Danny sent Fletch a final text, he and James would not return until six o’clock, hopefully that would give them enough time to do it.

While Fletch and the SOD boys spent the day making the flat presentable for the party, Matt and the Mcfly boys prepared a special surprise for their favourite blond. It had been Harry that had come up with this suggestion, and after due consideration, they had put the idea to first Fletch and then Danny, after all they would be making decorative changes to one of the bedrooms. Harry had suggested that they decorated the room that James and Danny had decided would become the baby’s nursery. Not knowing what sex it was going to be they had decided to paint the walls of the room yellow and the woodwork white. Dougie much to everyone’s amazement had gone out and bought a pair of curtains and a matching quilt and bumper set in cream with yellow ducks on it. They had also gone out and ordered not only a cradle for the baby, but a high chair as well. And as it was considered unlucky for anything to be bought into the house for the child before it was born, everything was waiting back in the shop, Matt and the others would collect it once the baby was safely delivered.

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