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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Sixty-One.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Sixty-One.

The next morning the country woke to the news that James Bourne had given birth to a baby boy the night before by caesarian section. The way the different breakfast programmes treated the news depended on the type of the show they were, the BBC news showed the clip of Fletch announcing the baby’s birth to the press gathered outside of the hospital and then showed an interview that had been given by Mcfly as they’d been leaving the hospital. This had been followed by a discusion with a specialist on child care, asking if it had been right for James to have been allowed to have had the baby.

GMTV had spent most of the programme showing Busted and SOD videos interspursed with pictures of James during his pregnancy and interviews with yet more child care experts. And Sky news had luckily as far as James was concerned been more interested in how badly the English cricket team were playing in their latest test match. Not surprisingly seeing as they had interviewed the band, This Morning had devoted a large part of the show to the news, switching from just what James needed to do to regain his pre-pregnancy figure to which disposable nappy was the best.

While all this was going on James and Danny were sat in the special care baby unit, two chairs pulled up next to the incubator in which Alex was sleeping. Danny had gone home to grab a shower and shave only to return in time for them to go and see their baby. Those two little words made Danny shiver, their baby. Looking at him laying there, Danny couldn’t help but feel proud, ok he looked a bit red and wrinkled but he was their son. And ok he was small but he was breathing all on his own and one of the nurses had said that if he continued as he was at the moment she could see no reason for him having to stay in an incubator for very long.

As the hours slowly went past James found himself fighting hard not to cry, his emotions were starting to get the better of him. He’d got pregnant, carried it in his belly for thirty weeks and now he couldn’t even hold his baby, he hadn’t even touched it yet. He managed to contain his feelings for a few hours more but eventually he broke down and wept, hot tears streaming down his cheeks, his body shaking, Danny unable to anything except hold him in his arms, rocking him gently, wishing there was something he could do to help.

Noticing the distress James was in, one of the nursing staff came over to see what was wrong, crouching down in front of the weeping man. She’d seen many a new mum breakdown and cry, the feelings of being utterly helpless and worthless building up until they could hold them back no longer. It wasn’t surprising, they had a baby that they often couldn’t hold, sometimes they couldn’t even touch them they were so fragile and weak.

Hearing that James hadn’t even got to touch his son she frowned, Alexander was only small, but he was feeding ok and he had filled his first nappy. She could see no reason why James wouldn’t be allowed to touch his baby. Patting him gently on the knee, she told them that she’d go and have a word with the sister, maybe it would be alright for them to open the side of the crib so both of them could have some physical contact with their son.

Returning a few minutes later she asked them if they could move their chairs back a bit. Once they’d done that she opened the incubator, lowering the side down, then checking that both Danny and James were sat down, she reached in and carefully lifted Alex up, drawing him out of the plastic tank, cradling him in her arms before turning to give him to his parents. James weeping once more as he held his son for the very first time.
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