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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Sixty-Two.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Sixty-Two.

Three days later James left the hospital on his own, Alexander would have to remain in the baby unit for at least another four weeks, but they could spend as much time with him as they wanted to, although they had been advised to sleep the nights in their own bed. But any thoughts they might have had about it being just the two of them were soon dispelled, Matt was still residing in the spare bedroom and hoping to take James’ mind off of his baby had arranged for different people to come calling every day. Not that either of them were there that often but due to Matt’s intervention they were never given any time on their own.

Because he was now getting lots of time learning how to look after his baby, James wasn’t too fussed about this, but it was starting to get on Danny’s nerves. He hadn’t been able to get really intimate with James for ages, there had been a rather large bump getting in the way, now he had sometime when he could get sexually reacquainted with his lover. Only Matt was making it nigh on impossible for him to do so. He wanted to remind James just how much he loved him. He knew that the actual sex act was out of the question until James had completely recovered from the operation but he could show the blond how much he loved him in so many other ways, sex didn’t just have to consist of him sticking his dick inside James’ ass. Although that was very nice.

To that end Danny started to make plans for Matt to move out, once the baby came home he wanted it to be just him, James and Alexander. The first thing he did was speak to Fletch on the phone. He did try to speak to him in the hospital, but he found it difficult to do so when both James and Matt were only a few feet away. If anything the fact that Matt was always there, sat next to his blond annoyed him even more, you’d have thought he was Alex’s dad not Danny. The final straw came when a new doctor came in while James was taking a nap and had started discussing the baby’s health with Matt. Danny had gone straight through to the sister’s office and had blown a gasket. After that things in the baby unit had changed a bit, the sister had told Matt that he could only come and visit in the normal visiting times and as only two people other than Danny and James could be there at one time he’d have to take his turn along with everyone else.

After their phone call Fletch had spent some time in conversation with Richard, both of them trying to decide what they could do to stop Matt upsetting the apple cart that was James and Danny’s relationship. It was Richard’s secretary who came up with the idea that they would finally use. They would ween Matt away from them, Mcfly had a short tour of Japan coming up and it wouldn’t do Matt’s career any harm to go out there with them. When Danny and James bought Alex home Matt would be on the other side of the world.
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