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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Sixty-Three.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Sixty-Three.

Four and a half weeks after his arrival into the world Alexander Daniel Hall was released from the special care baby unit and his extremely proud parents were allowed to take him home.

Leaving the hospital with Fletch at their side, both Danny and James were amazed to find that the road and car park in front of the maternity unit entrance were crowded with not only the press but by fans and well wishers, many of them holding out gifts for the baby. Pausing just outside the doors, they let Fletch go and have a chat with the photographers, they could understand that they all wanted a picture of Alex, they had after all waited all this time for the chance, but neither Danny or James wanted to keep Alex outside in the bright sunlight for too long. Coming back, Fletch told them that he’d agreed with the photographers that they’d pose with Alex for five minutes tops and if he started getting upset that would be it. Nodding, Danny took a firmer grip on the handle of the baby car set in which Alex was strapped and stepped out into the sunshine, James walking on the other side of their baby.

Fussing around them, Fletch led them over to the spot that had been chosen as the best place for them to stand. It was in front of a flowerbed that was an ideal height for them both to sit on with Alex in between. This they did, posing for a few shots before one man was brave enough to ask if they would take Alex out of the seat and hold him in their arms as that would look much better. Exchanging a look they’d both agreed, James carefully undoing the straps and lifting his son out of the seat, cradling him in his arms while Danny handed it over to Fletch. Then with Alex cradled in his mothers arms and his father protecting them both, they smiled for the many cameras.

Once that was over they fastened Alex back into his baby seat and carried him through the crowd to where Adam and the people carrier were waiting, James collecting an armful of presents on the way.
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