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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Sixty-Four.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Sixty-Four.

The journey home was taken in near silence, Fletch and Adam sat in the front seats, Danny and James in the middle row, Alex’s car seat strapped in safely between them. Fletch had tried to strike up a conversation but James’ responses had been monosybilic, and Danny’s hadn’t been much better, in the end he’d given it up as a bad job. Reaching the house that the two boys called home they were not completely unsurprised to find that the place was full of friends and family, but what did surprise them was the fact that in between them leaving home to go and collect Alex and them arriving back home the entire house had been cleaned from top to bottom and there was a line full of clean clothes spinning round in the back garden.

Knowing that they would get no peace until they’d let everyone have a cuddle with the baby, James and Danny let everyone take a turn at holding Alex, both new parents alert for the first sign that their son was getting upset by all of the attention, but it looked like Alex was loving being the centre of attention, he just kept on giving his adoring public lots and lots of gummy smiles.

Finally everybody left the three of them on their own, James’ parents were staying in a nearby hotel for the night and would be coming back tomorrow. It had been agreed that Maria would be staying with them for a week or so to look after the general running of the house so the two men could spend some time bonding with their son, then she’d go back to Southend making way for the return of the Matt. Hopefully by then Danny would be feeling more friendly towards James’ best mate and partner in crime.

Locking the door behind the last of their guests Danny made his way into the front room where James was knelt on the floor changing Alex’s nappy, preparing their son for his first nights sleep in his own home. Once he’d been changed and dressed in a clean sleep suit, James handed him up to his father before getting to his feet and making his way through to the kitchen where he’d left a bottle heating up in the warmer that Chris and his girlfriend had bought them. Bringing it back into the front room, he handed it to Danny, sitting himself down on a footstool to watch as he fed Alex his bottle. Once he’d been fed and burped, they made their way upstairs to their bedroom and the cradle that was ready and waiting for the baby to sleep in.

Having kissed him, Danny placed their sleeping son down on his back, James carefully tucking a blanket in around him. Then with one last look, Danny led James to bed, they both knew that they probably wouldn’t sleep properly as they would be nervous about doing so on their first night home. Cuddling up in their bed James lay his head down on Danny’s chest and smiled, they were now a family and he couldn’t wait to take Alex out in his pram, maybe tomorrow they could have a walk to the park, introduce their son to the place that would be his home.
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