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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Sixty-Five.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine. And James Bourne is unable to have a baby - to my knowledge.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Sixty-Five.

Three months had past since Danny and James had bought Alexander home and all three of them had just about settled into a system that suited them. Alex had just started to sleep through the night and both of his parents were much relieved by this turn of events as neither one of them coped well when they were tired. Matt had returned home a week after they’d bought Alex home and ever since then he’d been utterly and completely besotted by the little boy. He’d been overjoyed when James and Danny after much consideration had asked him if he would like to be one of Alexander’s godparents along with Fletch, Nick and Mel. He’d accepted the honour immediately.

Carefully packing a bag with all of the items that had suddenly become necessities since the arrival of Alex, James looked across to where Matt was stood by the kitchen window. He was holding Alex in his arms and chattering away to the baby, pointing out the birds on the bird table, naming each one, even going as far as to make up names for the ones he didn’t know. It had amazed both James and Danny just how much Matt had changed since he’d returned, it had been Matt who had insisted that they had a few hours to themselves every week. This had been achieved by either Matt or fletch or one of the Mcfly boys coming over and taking the baby off of their hands for a couple of hours. Ok most of the time they tried to use the couple of hours as a chance to get initimate, but due to Alex’s idea of timekeeping the baby sitters usually returned to find the couple sound asleep in each others arms.

Collecting a couple of bottles of baby milk from the fridge, James stowed them away in the bag as well before doing up the top and slinging the bag over his shoulder, he left the kitchen and went out to his car, putting the bag in the foot well in front of the passenger seat before he returned to the house to collect Alex from Matt’s arms.

Reaching his destination, James got out of the car and went round to unfasten Alex’s car seat from the seat belt. Bending down to undo the clasp, James suddenly jumped as a hand touched his ass, goosing him in a very familiar way. Spinning round, he smiled, stood there was Danny, the rest of the band ranged out behind him. Today they would be doing their first performance and interview since Alex’s birth. Fletch had tried to hold out for six months maternity leave for James, but once both Alex and James had had their six week check ups, Mercury had been badgering them for a release date for the next single. In the end they’d given in and said they’d be ready to go out and promote said single in October. The video had been premiered and had been doing the rounds on the music channels for a couple of weeks. Chris, Dave, Danny and Steve had been out doing promotion but James had remained at home with Alex, unwilling to leave his baby with someone else. The show they were appearing on today were more than willing to have both James and Alex on the couch.

Entering the studios, they were met by the rest of Mcfly who were also appearing on the show, Tom taking the car seat out of Danny’s hands and disappearing off in the direction of their dressing room. Shaking his head, James smiled, no one had ever expected that Tom would be this crazy about babies, but it did have its advantages, he knew that he’d never be short of a baby sitter if the need arose. Slowly following in Tom’s footsteps, Son of Dork made their way through the corridor to their room, an amazed grin breaking out on the blonds face when he saw all of the things that decorated the room, teddy bears, balloons, cards, baby clothes. It seemed that when it had been announced the week before that they would be appearing on Popworld the show had been inundated with presents for both James and Alex.

Hitting the last high note of the song, James smiled, the cameras making viewers think that he was smiling at them, but he wasn’t. Tom was stood just behind the cameras, baby Alex held tightly in his arms, gurgling happily at the sound of his mothers voice. Leaving the stage, James went to collect his son from Tom, arriving at the settee a few moments after the others. Getting to his feet, Alex Zane asked James to sit next to him, it wouldn’t look good if all five of them plus the baby were squashed onto the one settee. The interview that followed was a hoot, Alex Zane spending most of the time cuddling Alex and baby talking to him, in between asking questions about the new single. At the end no one had really said anything, but the viewers did know that Alex had thrown up down Alex Zane’s shirt.

Reaching home, Danny carried their little cherub upstairs to his cradle, he would hopefully sleep for a couple of hours while James prepared tea. And with Matt going out on a date this evening they could have some time alone.

Who knew what that might bring.


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