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Title: Danny’s Boy.
Author: balinese_baby.
Pairing: HallBourne.
Rating: 15.
Part: Forty-Eight.
Disclaimer: Neither man is mine - unfortunately.
Warning: Mpreg.

Part Forty-Eight.

Two hours later, James was tucked up in his own bed, sound asleep, he hadn’t gone back up to the suite after the conference in the end. Once Mr. Sharp had given James the once over and proclaimed him ok, Fletch had sent Adam to bring his car up to the back entrance of the hotel, he would drive James, Danny and Maria home before coming back to collect Matt, Peter, Catherine and Danny’s dad. Fletch and Richard would follow once they’d seen everyone safely on their way.

Sat in the front room, Maria and Catherine had made the decision that now they would take it in turns to reside with their sons, if they worked it out properly Maria would spend Monday to Thursday in London and Catherine would come down on Friday morning and leave again on Sunday afternoon. Danny had only agreed to it when Fletch had pointed out that it he and James would have the house to themselves on Thursday and Sunday nights.

Out in the kitchen, Matt was sat on the table, trying to get Emma to listen to him, to say she was pissed off with him was putting it mildly. She couldn’t believe that he’d made her look such a fool in front of all of her friends and work colleagues, her boss had even called her into his office to ask her why she hadn’t told him about James’ pregnancy before the press conference, he’d found it hard to believe that she hadn’t known anymore than anyone else. At first she’d assumed that Matt didn’t know either, but then she’d realised that he had to know, after all he’d been spending loads of time round at James and Danny’s house, frequently staying overnight and going to hospital appointments with both men, appointments that obviously hadn’t been to do with the so called mysterious stomach complaint that he’d told her that James was ill with. Cursing him down the phone, she told him not to come home, she was sure that James would be able to find him a bed to sleep in, maybe he was so interested in James’ pregnancy because the baby was his.

Putting the phone down, Matt stared out of the kitchen window at the bird table, a blue tit hanging upside-down from the nut holder was pecking industriously away at the few peanuts that remained in it at this time of year. Was he acting like this because he wished that the baby was his? Turning his attention to his hands, he studied his bitten fingernails for a while before lifting his head and looking back out to where a great tit had joined its smaller brother. Emma was right, he wanted the baby to be his, and he stayed by James’ side because this was the only way he could make sure that his place in the baby’s life would be one of utmost importance.

Getting to his feet, Matt made his way back through to the front room, sitting himself down on the arm of Danny’s chair he asked his friend if he could stay for a couple of nights. Looking up at him, Danny asked why he needed a home, surely Emma hadn’t kicked him out because she hadn’t been in on the secret. Giving Danny a wry smile, Matt nodded. Yes, Emma had kicked him out, but if he had told her James’ secret, she’d have been babbling it to the press as soon as he’d told her. At least this way James had had some time in which to come to terms with his condition. Giving Matt a nod, Danny said ok, he could use his usual bedroom, Maria would be using the one next to their bedroom but pretty soon they’d have to chose which room was going to be the baby’s room and once they’d done that, they would only be able to have one person staying. At those words, Danny grinned, if Matt was living here, there was no way that either Maria or his mum could stay as well.
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